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Ode to the Tee

Ode to thee, My American Tee!

As the day grows by I will wear thee, my Tee.

I squelch my small hands in thick mud. I wipe them clean on thee, my oversized Tee.

No matter I be fat or thin, you will always fit me perfectly, my Tee.

Whether ring-spun cotton, Poly fiber blend, or Rayon strings; You will always be pleasing to me, my Tee.

Graffitied, plain, or stained from age, you are my ever favorite Tee.

Your soft fibers are familiar as memories grow dim, my Tee.

Oh, say can you see the ever American Tee?!

The T-shirt is as American as it gets. Last year we dug into the history of our beloved first choice of clothing. Here is the connecting link to read the whole story.

We have see minor styling changes to the classic tee to make it up to date with the changing times. But the number one best seller has not changed for the last 100 years. We all have a favorite one in our closet, and others we might not wear that have memories attached to them. The t-shirt is part of us!

T-shirt wearing youth in red, white, and blue
American Tee

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