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Clothing needs for Athletic Success

We know that finding the right apparel can be the difference between a great experience for you, or an uncomfortable rash the next day. Clothing choice for these athletic activities is crucial. Designers and manufacturers have worked for decades to help alleviate the issues that come up during strenuous activities. The results of their hard work have given us some incredible options for our every need. Here are the top three features that are most important to us and our customers.

Athletic apparel needs

The first is UV Protection.

The Skin Cancer Foundation did a whole article on what to look for in clothing for UV protection back in 2017. There have been huge leaps to make UV protection in athletic clothing more commonplace. Their article sites 5 things to look for.


2. Construction

3. UPF that is already worked into the clothing



Here is the link to check out the whole article.

The second feature is Rash Prevention

The next big thing we look at to help our customers find is Rash Prevention clothing. The way that a garment is constructed has everything to do with this problem. For example, a Raglan sleeved shirt is going to have more rash protection than a regular cap sleeve shirt because it pulls in more around the underarm. Another important construction method for Rash Prevention is Flatlock stitching. Flatlock stitching creates a seam where the seam allowance lies flat to the garment instead of hanging loose from it. The loose seam causes uncomfortable rubbing on your skin, which in turn causes a rash to form.

The third Moister Wicking capabilities

No one likes to have sweat and body odor build-up. Moisture-wicking apparel is not anything new. In fact, It first came onto the scene about two decades ago, when clothing manufacturers began using a polyester finish to help better absorb moisture and regulate body temperature. DuPont Textiles developed the branded moisture-wicking fabric Coolmax in 1986 using breathable polyester to keep wearers cool and dry. New innovations have come onto the scene that's helped to improve the fabrics we use today.

With all these incredible features, there is no reason to be uncomfortable on the field, in the gym, or just doing your at home work out.

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