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Are you thinking "Slow" or "Fast" for your company's needs

April is our month to remember the Earth we live on. How does that apply to clothing?! In our industry we hear two opposing view points on clothing production. One is for producing more at low costs, that are probably only going to be worn a handful of times. It goes by the name of "Fast Fashion" and we have all partaken of this option in one way or another. The other is called "Slow Fashion". It is considered to be about quality and sustainability. To understand the differences between these two movements, I would encourage you to read these two articles written by Audrey Stanton. Both articles give you a in-depth understanding on what these mindsets have to offer. And always keep in mind that when you are putting your name on a product, you want your company's impression to last longer than a 20 minute tv show.

Fast Fashion Industry

Fast Fashion Article for your reading pleasure:


Slow Fashion Article for your reading pleasure:


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