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I think we can all say we are happy that 2020 is finished and we can look forward to a new year with hopes and dreams for something better. Pantone helps set our future months up with a color of the year. It helps us to embody a theme. This year they felt that we needed an extra boost with two colors: Ultimate Gray, and Illuminating.

Gray is not only a beautiful neutral color, but it is always a great choice for apparel. some people dislike white. others dislike black. But Gray is consistently a good color choice for anyone's complexion and work environment needs.

Illuminating is more than just yellow. It is hope for better and brighter. It is also the most common color used for our construction industry apparel.

So, let us make this year a solid, reliable, and positive one!

Pantone 2021 colors

As the executive director of the Pantone color institute stated,

"The union of an enduring ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope. We need to feel encouraged and uplifted; this is essential to the human spirit."

-Leatrice Eiseman

Quote by Leatrice Eiseman

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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

You are an industry professional in your field. It is very little what we can tell you about what your clothing needs are in your industry, nor would we want to belittle you by trying. You know what your crew, clients, and customers need and what your industry requirements are.

But we know that you want to order only what you need...

Actual Damage Disclaimer from Decorator's website*

So, why do most decorators have a 2% damage and flaw disclaimer? You don't order 2% more product from them to ensure that you have enough for your needs. You don't plan on throwing away 2 out of 100 shirts that you paid good money for, because your decorator damaged them. This disclaimer gives decorators an excuse if there is a smudge of ink on a shirt sleeve or a hem that wasn't sewn properly in the factory.

At Arizona Cap Company, we don't think that it is fair to you as a customer to have to plan on that 2%. We, like you, are industry professionals. We started as a small garage start-up in 1999 and have grown and learned from hard work and meticulous hours of trying to do better for those we work with.

That doesn't include a 2% in any way, shape, or form. We believe it is wrong to have that disclaimer when simple procedures can help to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We start by making sure that every piece we receive from our clothing warehouses is free of imperfections. That means no holes, tears, discoloration, or other factory damage. If there is a problem, we get it replaced immediately. That way, your order is still getting to you as fast as possible. We then decorate that pre-checked apparel with your approved artwork. After decoration, we relook over the apparel to ensure that each logo application is done correctly and looks pristine. This also includes looking over it to make sure there is no ink smudges or thread tails that are not intended to be there. The final step is to fold and stack your product into a box for shipping to you.

Throughout this process, it isn’t just one team member looking over your order. It is five! With that many eyes and hands involved in the process, all with the same goal in mind, we eliminate any need for a 2% disclaimer! We do all that mistake-proofing to ensure that what you get is exactly what you ordered, without the need to order an extra 2% of the product.

Did we mention we also don't think a Rush Fee is ethical? Think on that.

*The above pricing sheet has been altered to remove all company identifiers.

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It starts with an idea for your brand. You want everyone to know your company's name. Your employees need to have cohesive uniforms with the company logo. But you can't get ahold of the artist who drew your logo. What is this Vector that people keep talking about? If all you have is a 1000X1000 pixel JPG of your logo, but your screen printer needs it in curves what do you do? What is the difference between the two? Some decorators will charge you an artwork fee to convert your logo into a vector they can use. If you are like some companies, you might have drawn yourself by hand, or using the paint software on your computer. Sometimes, the artist you hired will include a Vector of your logo. No matter what your situation, have no fear! Arizona Cap Company is here to explain the difference! A JPG, PNG, or Bitmap is made up of lots of little squares of color to create the image. That is why it looks pixelated when you zoom in. And this is also why it isn't useable for decorators. A Vector image is made up of just CURVES! There are small nodes that can be adjusted, made into straight or curved lines, and placed in high or low concentrations to make the shapes you need. No matter how close you zoom in, the images will still be clear. The nature of a vector is what gives an artist and decorator's freedom to make minor or significant changes to perfect your logo. Now, how does someone make a bitmap into curves?

As a Decorator, we take those Bitmap images and run them through trace software. Sometimes, this works wonders and we have a perfectly curved and beautiful logo. Other times, we need to clean it up a little. This means we manually adjust the nodes to make it looks crisp, so it doesn't have any little pieces that stick out in odd directions. If the resolution of the bitmap image is too low, or the contrast of colors in the image is insufficient, we may be unable to make any usable artwork out of it and the artwork will need to be redrawn from scratch. We then must do color separations. Each color of your logo must be separated and grouped. Meaning if you have a small part of your logo that is blue, and the text of your logo the same blue, they must be pulled away from the other colors and grouped. After that grouping is done, each color then must be changed to true black and printed on a clear film that will be "burned" onto a mesh screen. The burning process is accomplished by exposing the emulsion covered mesh to intense UV light. The black images on the film cover portions of the mesh, so that it stays soft and will wash away with water leaving a perfect stencil of the film. The screen is then rinsed, dried, and put on the printing press to be used for making your apparel.

The process is not dissimilar to what would be done for embroidery. Rather than being color-separated, we would run the vectorized logo through another piece of software that creates a digitized stitch file for our embroidery machine to read. We do the same cleanup and adjusting in that digitizing software that we do in the original trace of your bitmapped logo. We want to make sure that it sews out cleanly and is perfect for your needs. We then must match the color of thread to each color in your logo. After all of this, we run a test to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The process of taking your logo from a simple JPG to decorated apparel has a lot of little steps that all must be done correctly. With Arizona Cap Company on your side, you can rest assured that your company's name will be seen and remembered.

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