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Ode to thee, My American Tee!

As the day grows by I will wear thee, my Tee.

I squelch my small hands in thick mud. I wipe them clean on thee, my oversized Tee.

No matter I be fat or thin, you will always fit me perfectly, my Tee.

Whether ring-spun cotton, Poly fiber blend, or Rayon strings; You will always be pleasing to me, my Tee.

Graffitied, plain, or stained from age, you are my ever favorite Tee.

Your soft fibers are familiar as memories grow dim, my Tee.

Oh, say can you see the ever American Tee?!

The T-shirt is as American as it gets. Last year we dug into the history of our beloved first choice of clothing. Here is the connecting link to read the whole story.

We have see minor styling changes to the classic tee to make it up to date with the changing times. But the number one best seller has not changed for the last 100 years. We all have a favorite one in our closet, and others we might not wear that have memories attached to them. The t-shirt is part of us!

T-shirt wearing youth in red, white, and blue
American Tee

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April is our month to remember the Earth we live on. How does that apply to clothing?! In our industry we hear two opposing view points on clothing production. One is for producing more at low costs, that are probably only going to be worn a handful of times. It goes by the name of "Fast Fashion" and we have all partaken of this option in one way or another. The other is called "Slow Fashion". It is considered to be about quality and sustainability. To understand the differences between these two movements, I would encourage you to read these two articles written by Audrey Stanton. Both articles give you a in-depth understanding on what these mindsets have to offer. And always keep in mind that when you are putting your name on a product, you want your company's impression to last longer than a 20 minute tv show.

Fast Fashion Landfill
Fast Fashion Industry

Fast Fashion Article for your reading pleasure:


Slow Fashion Article for your reading pleasure:


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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Do you know what it means to have a mid-profile cap?

Most people don't, and that's okay. It's not something you usually have a coffee over, but this little-known feature has a drastic impact on how the hat will look on people. It can be difficult to choose if you want a low, mid, or high-profile cap because everyone has personal preferences on how they want their hats shaped and manufacturers vary on their profile height specs.

Those two variables make selecting a hat profile very difficult and different for each customer, but read the rest of this article and we will help you become a pro at selecting the perfect hat profile for your brand, event, or hobby.

In a nutshell: Hat profiles talk about where your hat will sit on your head.

For example, a trucker hat has a tall crown. This means that it usually sits lower on your forehead. Whereas, a "Dad" hat will sit higher on your head because it has a shorter crown. This has to do with the length of the paneling on your hat. For this post, our dear General Manager, Dylan, was our model. See how the pink Camo hat sits higher on Dylan's head than the Trucker hat on the far right?

Let's start with our Pink Camo that Dylan is sporting so nicely!

This hat style is an Unstructured, 6 panel, Low Profile hat. It is nicknamed the "Dad Hat". It is also the most commonly worn hat by ladies. This is because it gives maximum visibility and is easier to slip a ponytail into. Yes, the name is contrary to where it sits on your forehead. If it is higher on your forehead, then it will be called a low profile.

Mid-Profile is less distinct than a low profile. It has an industry-standard of a 3"-4" cap. This means that a mid-profile from Flexfit will be slightly different than a mid-profile from a Port Authority brand. As you can see from our stock image we use for digital layouts, you see we have a little under a 4-inch crown profile. This is the most common profile for orders in recent years. It still gives wearers plenty of shade for eyesight but has more headroom. This is more of a common style of hat for men rather than women because of their head size. That doesn't mean that lots of women would turn away from a hat that they like because it is the wrong profile. It is a safe bet when you are buying for customers and employees because it is a better fit for most.

High Profile hats are anything higher than that 4 inches. You might say that is a huge crown! It actually doesn't look as large as one might think. This foam front, 5-panel, mesh back, high profile hat that Dylan is wearing in the image below, measures a 4.75-inch crown. See how low it is on his brow? This hat is optimal for larger decoration. Which explains why it is a more popular style for trendsetters and brand awareness.

Now that you know what you are looking for, it will be easy to select the hat that will be perfect for all your needs. Check out our online catalog of hundreds of hat styles at arizonacap.com!

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